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Select the three correct statements regarding Freight Settlement in OTM. (Choose three.)

A. Invoice checksmay be printed out of OTM.

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In a Linux environment, what is the default locations of the configuration file that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI uses
for profile information?

A. /etc/.oci/config
B. /usr/local/bin/config
C. SHOME/.oci/config
D. /usr/bin/oci/config

Correct Answer: C

By default, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI configuration file is located at ~/.oci/config. You might already have a
configuration file as a result of installing the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI.

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1Z0-1077-20 exam

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free 1Z0

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Oracle 1Z0-1074-20

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1Z01067-21 exam

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1Z0-1066-20 exam

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1Z0-1046-21 exam

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Which three options define Enterprise Structures Configurator (ESC)? (Choose three.)

A. It is an interview-based tool that guides through the process of setting up a basic enterprise structure.

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Oracle 1Z0-1045-20 Exam

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Given the code fragment:

1Z0-809 exam questions-q1

Which code fragment, when inserted at line 7, enablesprinting 100?

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When a customer opts to make a payment by a credit card, this receipt is identified as a(n) _______________.
A. miscellaneous receipt
B. quick cash receipt
C. manual receipt
D. automatic receipt
E. AutoLockbox receipt
Correct Answer: D

After reviewing an incomplete invoice, the Billing Manager clicks the Complete button in the Transactions

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