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1Z0-996-21 free dumps actual Oracle 1Z0-996-21 exam questions [2022]:


Approval Profiles control which aspects of an Adjustment.

A. whether current and/or payoff balance are affected by the adjustment
B. control how adjustments are approved
C. if an adjustment requires approval before it\\’s frozen
D. information defaulted on an Adjustment
E. whether the adjustment should appear on the customer\\’s next bill

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E73180_01/PDF/


Which three initial measurement data (IMD) exception categories are available when you execute VEE rules? (Choose

A. Issue
B. Terminate
C. Low
D. Information
E. Complete

Correct Answer: ABD

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18729_01/pdf/E18187_01.pdf (32)


Critical validation rules verify the integrity of the initial measurement data (IMD). If an implementation needs to add new
critical validations, where would you configure them?

A. as new lifecycle algorithms on the IMD Seeder BO (D1-IMDSeeder)
B. in the pre-processing algorithm of the IMD Seeder BO (Dl-IMDSeeder)
C. as options on the IMD Seeder BO (D1-IMDSeeder)
D. in the schema of the IMD Seeder BO (D1-IMDSeeder)
E. in the validation algorithm on the IMD Seeder BO (D1-IMDSeeder)

Correct Answer: B


Which three statements are true about initial measurements, final measurements, and usage? (Choose three.)

A. Usage is a synonym for bill determinants.
B. The initial measurement data can be optionally stored in Raw format.
C. A service point can have more than one initial measurement for the same period, but only one final measurement.
D. Final measurements can be directly edited or updated by users or by automated processes as required.
E. Usage is loaded in the application to generate final measurements.

Correct Answer: CDE


Which three statements are true about usage subscriptions? (Choose three.)

A. A usage subscription can have either parent or child service points.
B. A usage subscription can be configured to include only a portion of a service point usage.
C. A usage subscription can have many service points.
D. Usage subscriptions are always related to an account.
E. A usage subscription can have only one service point.

Correct Answer: ACD

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E38983_04/PDF/MDM_Configuration_Guide_v2_1_0_3.pdf (227)


Using a base-supplied algorithm type, what is payment distribution priority typically determined by?

A. Customer Class and Service Agreement Type
B. Payment Type + Debt Age
C. Debt Age
D. Service Agreement Type\\’s Priority and Debt Age
E. Customer Class and Debt Age

Correct Answer: E


When you cancel a payment, what will the system automatically do?

A. generate a new Financial Transaction to reverse the original Financial Transaction
B. cancel all tenders associated with the payment
C. impact the credit rating
D. charge an NSF Fee for the payment cancellation

Correct Answer: D


Which two are “Are SP and Device Ready?” state algorithms for Enable Service? (Choose two.)

A. Customer Device Compatibility Check
B. Create Service Point
C. Check for Measurement
D. Create Usage Subscription
E. Start Service Agreement

Correct Answer: AC

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E63094_01/PDF/SGG_SOM_Configuration_Guide_v2_1_0_3.pdf (17 and 21)


When configuring the Get Scalar Details usage rule, which three attributes can be defined to retrieve scalar values?
(Choose three.)

A. Unit of Measure
B. Device ID
C. Service Quantity Identifier
D. Time of Use
E. Service Point ID

Correct Answer: BDE


Which three statements are correct for Adjustment Types? (Choose three.)

A. They can default an Adjustment Amount to adjustments.
B. They control how adjustments appear on bills.
C. They control whether a rate is to be called to calculate an adjustment amount.
D. They control the valid Service Agreement Types that adjustments can be linked to.
E. They control the valid Adjustment Profiles that adjustment types can belong to.

Correct Answer: BCD


When the source of a Financial Transaction is canceled, what does it result in?

A. The source Financial Transaction is deleted and a new reversal Financial Transaction is created.
B. A new reversal Financial Transaction is created.
C. The source Financial Transaction status is changed to “Canceled”.
D. The source Financial Transaction is deleted.
E. No change occurs.

Correct Answer: A


When a service agreement is created, it is based on a template called the Service Agreement Type (SA Type) and
values may default from a Start Option. Which three attributes can get defaulted from a Start Option? (Choose three.)

A. Terms and Conditions
B. Service to be billed
C. Contract Quantities
D. CIS Division
E. Rate

Correct Answer: ABC


Which describes derived values and their relationship with Final Measurements?

A. Final Measurements can have multiple derived values, which represent other values for the same Final Measurement
B. Derived values can have multiple Final Measurements, which represent other values for the same Initial
Measurement Date/Time.
C. Final Measurements can have one derived value, which represents an alternative for the same Final Measurement
D. Final Measurements can have one derived value, which represents the Initial Measurement for the same Final
Measurement Date/Time.

Correct Answer: D

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