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Free Oracle Inventory Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-1073-21 exam questions 2022:

1. In Supply Chain Orchestration, Automated Change Management performs which two functions?

A. splitting of a sales order
B. changing the shipping method on a sales order
C. changing the supplier on a purchase order
D. change to need by dates of a purchase order
E. change to item attributes

Correct Answer: AD

2. Which three statements are true regarding PAR Location Management?

A. If the stock level falls below the target on-hand quantity for the locator, inventory generates the appropriate
replenishment document based on the item sourcing for the subinventory.
B. PAR location management replenishment is calculated at the organization level or subinventory level.
C. A receipt is required on inter-organization expense destination transfer orders between the from and to organizations
D. Periodic Automated Replenishment (PAR) enabled facilities that do not store perpetual inventory (such as hospitals)
to perform locator-level replenishment.
E. Organizations can perform locator-level stock counting for both quantity and non-quantity tracked sub-inventories.

Correct Answer: CDE

3. You defined an Inventory Organization that is meant to track the contract manufacturing process outsourced to a
supplier. Where do you mention that this Inventory Organization is meant for one particular supplier?

A. Manage Inventory Organizations
B. Manage Contract Manufacturing Relationships
C. Manage Item Organizations
D. Manage Subinventories
E. Manage Inventory Organization Locations

Correct Answer: A

4. Which attribute value allows the usage of common inventory for project-specific demand?

A. Allow use of common supplies: No and Hard Pegging Level: Project Group
B. Allow use of common supplies: Null and Hard Pegging Level: Project Group
C. Allow use of common supplies: No and Hard Pegging Level: Project and Task
D. Allow use of common supplies: Null and Hard Pegging Level: None

Correct Answer: D

5. Which two options constitute the rights and responsibilities of a Legal Entity? (Choose two.)

A. Own Property
B. Facilitate resource allocation
C. Manage warehouses
D. Account for themselves to regulators, taxation authorities, and owners according to rules specified in the relevant
E. Create opportunities for new business

Correct Answer: AD

6. What are two outcomes when a lot expires on an item with lot control enabled?

A. It cannot be reserved for a date beyond the expiration date.
B. It is issued out of stores.
C. It remains in inventory but is not considered on-hand when the user is performing min-max or reorder point planning
D. It cannot be transacted.
E. It is not included in cycle counts.

Correct Answer: AC

7. Your client wants certain inventory items of high importance to be counted periodically to improve the
the average level of inventory accuracy. What type of counting would you recommend?

A. Serialized Count
B. Manual Count
C. Cycle Count
D. Zero Quantity Count
E. Blind Count

Correct Answer: C

8. Your client wants the purchasers to be able to run the min-max plan for items under their control and then
manage the POs created out of these. Which parameters can they use to be able to do this?

A. From Planner to Planner
B. From Buyer to Buyer
C. From Item to Item
D. Sort by
E. Planning Level

Correct Answer: C

9. While creating the consignment agreement, you have set the consumption advice frequency to “monthly” and the billing
cycle close date to “31st August 2020”. What will happen when you run the consumption advice process on 31st August 2020?

A. Consumption advice is created and the next closing date is set for 30th October 2020.
B. No consumption advice is created.
C. Consumption advice is created and the next closing date is set for 30th September 2020.
D. Consumption advice is created and the next closing date is set for 7th September 2020.

Correct Answer: C

10. Your customer has a requirement across their 10 warehouses, each with different users. They would like
that whenever a warehouse user logs in, their default warehouse should get populated. How will you achieve this?

A. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_ORG_ID at role level for each role (different roles for different warehouses).
B. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_ORG_ID at the site level.
C. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_WHSE_ID at role level (different roles for different warehouses).
D. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_WHSE_ID at the user level for each user.
E. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_WHSE_ID at the site level.
F. Set the profile option INV_DEFAULT_ORG_ID at the user level for each user.

Correct Answer: F

11. Supply Chain Financial Orchestration supports which three things? (Choose three.)

A. Separate physical movement from the financial flow.
B. The user interface gives you the status of the orchestration transactions’ item serial numbers.
C. Resource transactions are interfaced directly from Manufacturing.
D. Configuration to define cost-based, document-based support for third-party transfer pricing rules.
E. Infrastructure and framework to define the financial trade and physical flows independently.

Correct Answer: ACE

12. You set up an item organization and an inventory organization as part of your customer\’s requirement. Your customer
has, by mistake, performed a receipt transaction in the item organization instead of the inventory organization. How will
you rectify the error?

A. Perform a correct receipt transaction and receive the item in the correct organization.
B. Perform a return of the item and receive the item again in the correct organization.
C. It is not possible to receive items in the item organization.
D. Perform a new receipt in the correct organization and retain the stock in the item organization because it does not affect any other operation.

Correct Answer: C

13. Your organization is using min-max planning to replenish stock and the planning parameters are set at
the item organization level with a default subinventory: Item: A, Min Qty: 25, Max Qty: 150, and Current Level: 20 The item above is purchased from a supplier. Although it is subinventory on hand, the subinventory is below the minimum required level. This should trigger a Min-Max report entry, but the requisition is not generated. Why?

A. Fixed lot multiplier is not set.
B. Item is not defined in Manage Item Subinventories.
C. Min-max planning can be performed at the Organization level.
D. Rounding the Reorder Quantity is disabled.
E. No value has been set for the “Min-Max Replenishment Reorder Approval” profile.

Correct Answer: B

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