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Oracle 1Z0-1064-22 Exam Dumps 2023

Format: Multiple Choice
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Oracle 1Z0-1064-22 Questions Answers [2023] – Effectively


What is the main function of the Data Security Policies?

A. defines the data a particular user can see and/or modify
B. defines the views the application can access
C. defines the privileges and roles a particular user can have
D. defines the views or functionalities the user can access
E. defines the actions a particular user can do

Correct Answer: D


Which three types of data are included in the interaction associated with a normal call flow?

A. Start time of the call
B. Agent name
C. Service Request create date
D. Contact name
E. Channel

Correct Answer: BCD


Because of capacity issues in your Call Center, you have been asked to modify the number of simultaneous chats that
an agent can be assigned from 4 to 2. Which two steps do you have to follow to limit the channel capacity as required?

A. Modify the default values in the Capacity fields for the channels.
B. Select the Manage Capacities task.
C. In the Work Assignments section, modify the default value in the Capacity field to a new value.
D. In the Qualifying Status Values window, select a status from the No Effect on Workload list and move it to the Adds to
Workload list.

Correct Answer: AD


Your customer sells a wide variety of Mobile phones. To classify service requests efficiently you plan to create a new
primary category called Mobile Phones. Which four steps are required to define this new category?

A. Select Create Category > Create Top-Level Category.
B. Check the Active flag.
C. Select the task Manage Service Request Categories.
D. Select Status = “Active”.
E. Select Service Catalog in Functional Areas.
F. Select Create Category > Create Child Category.
G. Complete Category Name.

Correct Answer: ACDF


Your client needs to associate a product item with a product group but cannot make the association. What should you
check to identify the cause.

A. Validate that the product item is active and published.
B. Verify that Eligible for Service is selected on the product item.
C. Verify that Root Catalog is selected on the product groups.
D. Validate that AllowDuplicate is selected on the product item.

Correct Answer: A


Which two are true characteristics of the lifecycle of a service request?

A. If required, users can manually set the “Closed” status for a service request.
B. Users can reopen a service request when the status is set to “Closed”.
C. Users can reopen a service request when the status is set to “Resolved”.
D. “Closed” status is set by an automatic job after a specified number of days.
E. “Customer working” is one of the five seeded status types.

Correct Answer: CD


Which two options are true about role synchronization for Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

A. is required for every DCS instance
B. also synchronizes userIDs and passwords between DCS and Engagement Cloud
C. enables DCS user authentication through an identity management service (such as Engagement Cloud identity
D. in real-time

Correct Answer: AD


Your client has noticed that inbound emails from customers are not creating or updating service requests.
Which step should they perform to automate it?

A. Adjust the inbound message filters.
C. Adjust permissions on all customer\\’s profiles.

Correct Answer: B


Which four statements are correct about hotkeys for Action Commands?

A. They allow a user to escalate a service request.
B. They have default values.
C. They can all be modified.
D. They allow a user to forward a service request.
E. They can be assigned to a custom action script.
F. They allow a user to copy a service request.

Correct Answer: ABCD


Which three steps are required to set up a standard coverage for the following scenario:
High Severity SRs must be worked round-the-clock and resolved in 24 hours (a First Response metric is
not required), and the owner should be warned of pending expiration three hours before expiration?

A. Create a new standard coverage using the delivered Contracts Service Entitlements Entitlement Type.
B. Do not choose any optional criteria columns.
C. Choose all optional result columns.
D. Create an entitlement rule that specifies:-Condition Column Severity = High-Calendar = 24 by 7Resolution Metric =
1440-Resolution Warning Threshold 180-Appropriate Start and End Dates

Correct Answer: ABD


Which three steps are required to configure the system to send an email notification when a milestone has been reached
warning status?

A. Add an extension column to the milestone object to hold the warning threshold value.
B. Configure an analytics report showing milestones in warning status.
C. Specify the warning threshold for the milestone in the standard coverages.
D. Create standard text to be posted to the message thread.
E. Configure the email template to be used for notification.
F. Configure an object workflow action to send the email when the milestone status changes to a warning.

Correct Answer: BCE


In which three situations can default coverage be applied?

A. globally, to all service requests that do not have any other coverage
B. for a specific SR category
C. for a specific SR status
D. for a specific period of time
E. to a specific customer account

Correct Answer: ABD


You are creating a shared SmartText entry. Which option do you need to select to define a time period during which the
entry is available to users?

A. Time Period
B. Duration
C. Available
D. Interval
E. Start/Stop

Correct Answer: B

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