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The 1Z0-750 exam proves that you are very capable of developing applications using Oracle APEX.

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Oracle 1z0-750 Free Questions Practice Material


Penny has created a special survey page, Page 8, where she wants to hide the standard navigation menu.
Which two ways can Penny hide the navigation menu only for Page 8? (Choose two.)

A. Update the navigation menu and set the condition of Never for Page 8.
B. Change Page Template to Minimal (No Navigation) for Page 8.
C. Go to Page Shared Components. Right-click the navigation menu entry and select Delete.
D. Delete the Navigation Menu region from Page 8.
E. Set Override User Interface Level to Yes.
F. Do not include Page 8 in the list of pages in the navigation menu.

Correct Answer: AB


Which three are true about using REST Enabled SQL to access a remote database? (Choose three.)

A. Authentication must be done using the OAuth2 Client Credentials flow.
B. REST Enabled SQL must be enabled in the remote databases\\’ ORDS configuration.
C. A wallet must be defined and configured on the remote database.
D. A REST Enabled SQL Reference must be created in Shared Components.
E. Authentication can be done using the remote database username and password.
F. The application parsing schema must be REST enabled.

Correct Answer: BDE

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/database/apex-18.1/HTMDB/rest-enabled-sqlcreating.htm#HTMDBGUID-0906921E-AF79-49D4-B909-1C090F805D9D


Which is true interactive reports?

A. Subscription is supported only on primary reports
B. A developer can hide the search bar
C. A developer can delete a primary report D. Only reports can be downloaded, not grouped by, charts, or pivots

Correct Answer: B


Which is a predefined authentication scheme in Oracle Application Express?

A. Universal Authentication Framework (UAF)
B. HTTP Header Variable
C. SAML 2.0 Sign-On
D. OpenID Connect Sign-On
E. Client Certificate Authentication

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/database/apex-18.1/HTMDB/establishing-user-identitythroughauthentication.htm#HTMDB25774


Which is true about interactive reports?

A. Interactive reports can be either read-only or editable.
B. All columns defined in the report query must be shown.
C. You can define only one interactive report on a page.
D. An interactive report can be based on a PL/SQL function body returning a SQL query.

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/database/apex-5.1/HTMDB/about-making-gridseditable.htm#HTMDBGUID-0A317D17-5B12-4F4A-B5C8-68807DB5A4C1


Susan created Page 10 as an interactive report, called Departments, on the DEPT table. She also created Page 11 as
an interactive report on the EMP table, called Employees.

Susan would like to add a link in the Department’s report (Page 10) that redirects to the Employee’s report (Page 11) and
displays only employees for the selected department. How would Susan set items in the link builder on Page 10 to correctly call the report on Page 11?

A. Set item name IR_DEPTNO and value to #DEPTNO#
B. Set item name to P11_DEPTNO and value to P10_DEPTNO
C. Set item name to :P11_DEPTNO and value to #DEPTNO#
D. Set item name to :P10_DEPTNO and value to #DEPTNO#

Correct Answer: C


You have defined a form page on the ORDERS table and changed page item: P5_ORDER_TOTAL to type Hidden.
You also created a dynamic action to update the value of P5_ORDER_TOTAL when any order items are added,
updated, or deleted on the page.

However, when you submit the page, you get this error: Session state protection violation: This may be caused by manual alteration of protected page item P5_ORDER_TOTAL. If you are unsure what caused this error, please contact the application administrator for assistance.

How should you update: the P5_ORDER_TOTAL page item to prevent this error?

A. Set Value Protected to “No”
B. Set Session State Protection to “Unrestricted”
C. Change the item type to “Display Only”
D. Set Store value encrypted in session state to “Yes”

Correct Answer: D

Reference: http://oracledba.bigresource.com/Application-Express-Session-state-protection-violationerror0RGXXq8b6.html


You can control when an authorization scheme is validated by using the Evaluation Point. Select three valid Evaluation
Points. (Choose three.)

A. once per session
B. once per region
C. once per page view
D. once per day
E. always (no caching)
F. once per user

Correct Answer: ACE

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/html/E39147_04/sec_authorization.htm


In Application Express, how do you enable a database schema assigned to the current workspace so that it can be used
to serve ORDS-based RESTful Services?

A. Install the Sample REST Services packaged application.
B. Navigate to the Shared Components section and configure a REST Enabled SQL resource.
C. Navigate to the ORDS RESTful services section of the SQL workshop, select the appropriate schema and click the
“Register Schema with ORDS” button.
D. Navigate to workspace administration and in the Set Workspace Preferences section, set Enable RESTful Services
to “Yes”.

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/application-express/19.1/aeutl/accessingRESTfulservices.html#GUID-DE5D8763-A650-4FBA-9CC5-17E141C8406C


Brian created a page with multiple regions. He now wants to include a list of links to selectively display each region.

How can Brian achieve this?

A. Create a region of type Region Display Selector, and ensure that each region has Region Display Selector set to
B. Create a parent region called REGIONS. For each region, update the Parent Region attribute to REGIONS.
C. Create a list in Shared Components containing each region. Create a region of type List and associated the list
D. Define static IDs for each region. Create a region called REGIONS of type Static Content with named anchors to
other regions.

Correct Answer: A


Mary wants to add feedback to an application. She uses the Create Page Wizard, selects Features, and then selects
Feedback. The wizard adds a feedback entry to the navigation bar and creates new pages, in her application, under
Administration to review and disposition the feedback. Which statement is true about feedback data?

A. Feedback entered into the app can be viewed by developers in Team Development
B. When an administrator updates the feedback status, the person logging the feedback is notified
C. A new table is created in your schema to store the feedback for the app
D. You can invoke the feedback page from a modal dialog page

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/database/apex-5.1/HTMDB/managing-feedback.htm#HTMDB28146


Molly has created a multi-series chart on the EMP table that shows the average salary per job in each department.
The chart below is not showing the data correctly because there are no Analysis or Salesmen In Department 10.

How must Molly update the chart to correctly display the data?

A. Update the Series Column Mapping for Series Nameto DEPTNO.
B. Set Fill Gaps in Chart Data to “Yes.”
C. Update group by In the chart SQL Query.
D. Update the x-axis Baseline Scaling to “Fixed.”

Correct Answer: D


Carl has created a new region template as a copy of the Standard region template in Universal Theme. He wants to
update the template but is not sure how often the template is used throughout the application. How can Carl determine all of the pages where his custom template is used?

A. Go to Application Utilities > Templates and review the utilization report
B. Go to Shared Components > Templates, and select References for the given template
C. Go to Application Utilities > Cross Page Utilities and review Page Attributes
D. Run the Application Advisor and select Template Utilization

Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/HTMDB/ui_templt.htm#HTMDB25621


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