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Welcome to Oracle 1Z0-1071-20 practice test online

You want the flow to navigate to the cancel transition immediately after the maximum number of failed
attempts are exceeded in the System.ResolveEntities Components.
Which option must you use?
A. Set cancelPolicy to “immediate”.
B. There is no such option in system.ResolveEntitis
C. Set cancelPolicy to “true” .
D. Set cancelPolicy to “lastEntity” .
Correct Answer: A
https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/digital-assistant/use-chatbot/built-components-propertiestransitions-andusage.html#GUID-259C152F-3F53-4422-B89C-6FA7F01C1762 cancelPolicy Determines
the timing of the cancel transition:
immediate–Immediately after the allotted maxPrompts attempts have been met for an entity in the bag.
lastEntity–When the last entity in the bag has been matched with a value.

When testing your skill, you notice that two of its intents consistently rank as the top two, resolving within just a few
points of each other.
Given the unpredictable nature of which intent gets the top score, what would you do to allow the skill user to choose
the correct intent?
A. Change the Confidence Win Margin so that both intents are offered to the user.
B. Change the Confidence Threshold during your testing until the correct intent always wins.
C. For each intent, create an entity of phrases that are distinct to each intent, and add the appropriate entity to the
corresponding intent.
D. Keep adding training data until you get a predictable result every time.
E. Change the Explicit Invocation Threshold to zero to ensure that the correct intent is picked up when the user
mentions the name of the intent.
Correct Answer: E

Which two statements are true the purpose of the compose bag entity item Out of Order Extraction property?
A. It should not be used for String entity items.
B. When set to True, an entity item value can be updated when prompting for a different entity item value.
C. Only set to True, an entity item value can be updated when prompting for a different entity item value.
D. Only when set to true can entity values be specific in any order in the initial user input.
E. When set to True, an entity item cannot be resolve until a dependent entity item is first resolved.
Correct Answer: CE

You want your skill to transfer conversations over to Oracle Service Cloud customer service representatives. Which type
of channel do you create to enable the skill to do this?
A. Applications
B. System
C. Agent Integrations
D. Users
Correct Answer: C

You install Oracle Bost Node SDK from GitHub to develop a new custom component service. Which command, when
issued on a command line or terminal window, creates a new custom component service project in the current
A. bots-node-sdk service
B. bots-node-sdk service init
C. bots-node-sdknpm install
D. bots-node-sdkinit
Correct Answer: D
Create the Custom Component Package Use the SDK\\’s command line interface (CLI) to create the necessary files and
directory structure. To create the package folder, and the necessary contents, type the following command in a terminal
window: bots-node-sdkinit

When a user interacts with one skill within a digital assistant but then enters input that may be relevant to another skill,
the digital assistant generally presents users a prompt to confirm whether they really want to switch to the other skill,
even if the input is completely irrelevant to the current skill. How can you reduce the frequency with which the user
encounters these confirmation prompts in a digital assistant?
A. In the dialog assistant, reduce the value of the Confidence Win Margin setting.
B. In each skill, reduce the value of the Confidence Win Margin setting.
C. In the digital assistant, reduce the value of the Interrupt Prompt Confidence Threshold setting.
D. In the digital assistant, add more utterances for the unresoivedintent system intent.
Correct Answer: D

An input component references an entity-type variable from its variable property and does not have the maxPrompts
property set. Which two statements describe valid options to help users deal with validation errors?
A. You can use the alternatePrompt property for user input components to display alternative prompts.
B. You can use the onlnvaliduserlnput property on the System.commonResponse component to conditionally show or
hide UI controls.
C. You can use the system. invaliduserinput?booiean expression to detect a previously failed input validation and
display alternative prompts or additional UI controls.
D. You can use the user input component\\’s textReceived action transition to detect validation errors and to navigate to
a state in the dialog flow.
E. You can use the user input component\\’s cancel action transition to navigate to a different state in the dialog flow,
display a help message to the user, and navigate back into the dialog flow state that previously failed input validation.
Correct Answer: BC

Which two components can be used in combination with composite bag entities to auto-generate skill responses and
flows from definitions saved in bag items?
A. System.ResolveEntities
B. System.Text
C. System.MatchEntity
D. System.CommonResponse
E. System.List
Correct Answer: AD

What happens after the skill output Welcome to our store\\’s chat bot!\\’\\’ in this dialog flow?

1Z0-1071-20 exam questions-q9

A. The skill displays “Welcome to our store\\’s chat bot!” again.
B. The skill goes to output2, outputs “You can ask me about what products we have in the store”, and then returns
control to the user.
C. The skill returns control to the user. After the user enters text, it goes to the intent state.
D. The skill returns control to the user. After the user enters text, it goes to output2 and outputs “You can ask me about
what products we have in the store.”
Correct Answer: A

Intent has been configured with a composite bag entity. Which statement is FALSE?
A. The skill may allow users to update their previous input.
B. The conversation is entirely sequential, where users can only input values in the order determined by the dialog flow
C. The composite bag entity slots values as they are provided from the user input. It then prompts for other entity item
D. The composite bag entity is typically resolved using a system.ResolveEntities component or a
system.commonResponse component.
Correct Answer: D

Take a look at the output of a system.List component in the screenshot below, and note how one of the items includes a
comma (,).

1Z0-1071-20 exam questions-q11

A. options: [“Yes”,”No, please resend”,”Not sure”]
B. options: “Yes, No\u002C please resend. Not sure”
C. options: Yes, No\u002C please resend, Not sure
D. options: “\\’Yes\\’, \\’No, please resend\\’, \\’Not sure\\'”
E. options: [[Yes]. please resend]. [Not sure]]
Correct Answer: E

Which two statements about using the OAuth2 client credential grant type in Oracle Digital Assistant are correct?
A. The OAuth2 client credential grant type does not require a bot user to authenticate and instead uses a shared clientld
and secret.
B. The user must be logged in to an identity service provider using his or her username and password to obtain a client
credential access token
C. You use the Oracle Digital Assistant Authentication Service with the system. 0Auth2client component to obtain a
client credential access token.
D. The client credential grant type requires the system.OAuth2AccountLink component to obtain a token that
propagates a user\\’s identity between distributed systems.
E. The OAuth2 client credential grant type uses the system. Webview built-in component to perform social media login.
Correct Answer: AC

You are writing a dialog flow and you are at the end of the conversation. For the final state, you are not sure whether to
use a return transition or use a next transition that goes to the start of the dialog flow. Which statement is true?
A. The next and return transitions are the same and you can use them interchangeably.
B. The return transition goes to the start of the dialog flow and resets all variables, whereas next simply navigates.
C. The next transition automatically clears variables on navigation, whereas return doesn\\’t.
D. The next transition can only be used for forward navigation in the flow.
Correct Answer: D

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