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Welcome to Oracle 1Z0-1073-20 practice test online

You set up an item organization and an inventory organization as part of your customer\\’s requirement. Your customer
has, by mistake, performed a receipt transaction in the item organization instead of the inventory organization. How wiil
you rectify the error?
A. Perform a correct receipt transaction and receive the item in the correct organization.
B. Perform a return of item and receive the item again in the correct organization.
C. It is not possible to receive item in the item organization.
D. Perform a new receipt in the correct organization and retain the stock in item organization because it does not affect
any other operation.
Correct Answer: C

Your company has multiple inventory organizations where goods are transferred internally. A user has
created a new organization but the new organization is unavailable when creating an interorganization
What is the missing setup?
A. The destination organization transfer type is In Transit.
B. Inventory organization data access for users is not set up.
C. Interorganization Parameters are not set up between the organizations.
D. The source and destination organization doesn\\’t belong to the same legal entity.
Correct Answer: C

Your are in the process of analyzing the demand and supply schedules for the item based on high level
Identify the reservation document type that would be applicable to both supply as well as demand.
A. Account Alias
B. Movement Request
C. Requisition
D. On Hand
E. Work Order
F. Transfer Order
Correct Answer: F

On the Supply Lines Overview page, the deviations in supply type chart show a supply line status of
What action must you take?
A. This indicates that supply line quantities are available but the quality is not up to the mark, so the quality issue must
be resolved.
B. This indicates that supply line quantities are not available, so inventory must be procured.
C. This indicates that supply line quantities are less than required, so additional quantities must be procured to meet the
D. This indicates that supply line has an exception in manufacturing goods, so the supply line must be changed.
Correct Answer: C

Which attribute value allows usage of common inventory for project specific demand?
A. Allow use of common supplies : No and Hard Pegging Level : Project Group
B. Allow use of common supplies : Null and Hard Pegging Level : Project Group
C. Allow use of common supplies : No and Hard Pegging Level : Project and Task
D. Allow use of common supplies : Null and Hard Pegging Level : None
Correct Answer: D

Your organization is planning for a periodic counting of individual items throughout the year. As part of this activity, the
user has loaded items to the cycle count but some of the items are not being considered when count schedules and
count sequences are generated. Which reason explains why the items are not being considered?
A. The Include in Schedule option is not selected to include the item for auto-scheduling.
B. The Cycle Count Enabled flag is not selected for the item.
C. The approval controls are not set up.
D. The Cycle Count Enabled flag is not selected for the inventory organization.
Correct Answer: B

The Applications Development Framework Desktop Integration (ADFdi) user interface is supported in Oracle Fusion
Receiving, Inventory Management, and Shipping products. Identify four ADFdi user interfaces that are supported.
A. Review Receipts Interface
B. Manage Inventory Transaction Correction in Spreadsheet
C. Review Count Interface Records
D. Manage Lot/Serial Interface
E. Upload ASN or ASBN
F. Manage Shipment Message Interface
Correct Answer: ABDF

Your company is an automobile spares manufacturing organization, which follows a discrete process. It has its own
manufacturing and distribution centers located globally. It has these business units: US – USA business unit CAN –
Canadian business unit UK – UK business unit MX – Mexican business unit IND – India business unit SPA – Spain
business unit FRA – France business unit NL – Netherlands business unit GER – Germany business unit These are the
inventory organizations that exist in each business unit: Inventory Org – business unit
GM (Master Org) – US US1 (Child Org) – US US2 (Child Org) – US CA1 (Child Org) – CAN MX1 (Child Org) – MX IN1
(Child Org) – IND SP1 (Child Org) – SPA FR1 (Child Org) – FRA NL1 (Child Org) – NL DE1 (Child Org) – GER
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. Items defined in the GM organization can be assigned to US1,US2, NL1, and MX1 inventory organizations.
B. You can define an item in the IN1 inventory organization and assign it to the DE1 inventory organization.
C. Item organizations are also supported to serve as inventory organizations.
D. Operational Attributes can be controlled only at the Master Level.
E. All inventory organizations do not need to be in the same business unit to assign items.
F. Items cannot be assigned to inventory organizations across business units.
Correct Answer: AE

While performing the task “Create Chart of Accounts, Ledger, Legal Entities, and Business Units in Spreadsheet Task”,
you did not provide the functional currency; however, you mentioned that the legal entity country is the United States of
America. What will be the functional currency of the ledger you are defining?
A. It is mandatory to provide functional currency, because ledger cannot be defined without functional currency. The
system will throw an error upon processing.
B. It is mandatory to provide functional currency because ledger cannot be defined without functional currency. The
system will throw an error upon upload of the spreadsheet because all required fields are not populated.
C. The system will pick the first available currency from the List of Values.
D. The system will ask the user to provide functional currency at the time of uploading the spreadsheet if it is not
provided in the first place.
E. The system will automatically pick “USD” as functional currency from the legal entity country.
Correct Answer: E

You have orders that were due for shipping last week, but as of now they have not been shipped. Which dashboard
should you check at the end of the day to determine which orders have been shipped?
A. Past Due, Completed Today
B. Due Today, Not Completed
C. Past Due, Not Completed
D. Past Due Shipments
E. Orders Completed in Full
Correct Answer: E

What are the two scenarios that allow you to update the lot control option for an item? (Choose two.)
A. Item has zero on-hand quantity.
B. No open internal order exists for the item.
C. No open sales order exists for the item.
D. Item material status is Active.
Correct Answer: AC

Your customer wants you to restrict the values of Receivables Transaction Type for their three business units. You
created three reference data sets for each business unit. However, the user is still able to see the values in the
Transaction Type list of values which are not defined in the business unit data set.
What is the reason for this behavior?
A. Reference Data Sets cannot be used uniquely across business units. They can only be used at the Legal Entity
B. The user is seeing the values defined in the common set. The values should be removed from the common set.
C. The user has multiple Business Unit Roles and, therefore, is able to see additional values.
D. Receivables Transaction Types are common across business units.
Correct Answer: B

A customer has one Business Unit, two Legal Entities, and each have eight warehouses (defined as Inventory Orgs).
While trying to set up Cost Organizations for each of these Legal Entities, you were unable to perform the mandatory
step of assigning the Profit Center Business Unit for one set of eight Inventory Organizations; however, you could do it
for the other set. What is the reason for this?
A. The Business Unit is not enabled for Costing.
B. There is no Business Unit associated with the Legal Entity.
C. The Legal Entity Setup is incomplete.
D. There is no Inventory Validation Organization defined.
E. The General Ledger is not associated with Business Unit.
Correct Answer: B

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