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While creating a Purchase Order, you observe that the system is defaulting Net 30 as the payment term instead of the
intended payment term Net 15.
Identify two ways to achieve the desired defaulting. (Choose two.)
A. Update Net 15 in procurement options and Net 30 for the supplier site.
B. Set Net 30 for the supplier site and leave the payment term blank in procurement options.
C. Update Net 15 in procurement options and leave the payment term blank for this supplier at all levels.
D. Set Net 15 for the supplier site.
Correct Answer: CD

When configuring the procurement business function document types, which two purchasing documents require change
order templates to be set? (Choose two.)
A. Requests for Information
B. Purchase Orders
C. Requests for Quotation
D. Agreements
E. Auctions
Correct Answer: AD

Your customer requires that any approved requisition needs to be reapproved whenever a buyer updates a catalog
requisition line during requisition processing.
What is the correct setup to fulfill this requirement? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Configure the PO Approval rule in such a way that buyer-modified requisition lines will go for approval again.
B. After requisition modification, a buyer needs to reassign the requisition line to the requisition authority for approval.
C. Configure Requisition Approval rule to include the Approval required for buyer modified lines condition.
D. In the Configure Requisitioning Business Function task, select Approval required for buyer modified lines.
Correct Answer: D

During the implementation, your customer wants to understand the key features of the two-stage Request For Quotation
(RFQ) available in Oracle Sourcing Cloud.
Which three are features of the two-stage RFQ? (Choose three.)
A. Response Visibility Blind
B. Two stage Evaluation
C. Response Visibility Open
D. Response Visibility is always Sealed
E. Open Auctions
F. Technical and Commercial Evaluation
Correct Answer: BDF

To set up Project-Driven Supply Chain (PDSC), you enable the feature in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials
Management offering.
What are two additional tasks that you also need to complete? (Choose two.)
A. Manage Inventory Organizations
B. Manage Project Expenditure Types
C. Manage Default Inventory Organizations
D. Manage Project Organization Classifications
E. Manage Inventory Types
Correct Answer: AD

In self-service procurement, you want to allow users to add in their home address for the delivery of certain items.
Which feature and task should you select? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Edit Address feature and Configure Purchasing Business Function task
B. Capture One-Time Address feature and Configure Requisitioning Business Function task
C. Update Address feature and Configure Self Service Business Function task
D. Manage Home Address feature and Configure Procurement Business Function task
Correct Answer: B

An automobile parts manufacturer has decided to implement only the Cloud Purchasing product from the Oracle
Procurement Cloud pillar. Which setup component will not be required for this implementation? (Choose the best
A. Document Styles
B. Procurement Agents
C. Purchasing Line Types
D. Procurement Business Function
E. Negotiation template
Correct Answer: E

Your customer is using Cloud Supplier Qualification Management and Procurement Sourcing.
What three actions can the category manager take within a negotiation to solicit additional information from suppliers or
internal users? (Choose three.)
A. Copy the Supplier Qualification Area and use it as a requirement section.
B. Copy Supplier Qualification Questions in the negotiation as a requirement.
C. Create reusable Supplier Qualification questions directly in the negotiation.
D. Solicit information in your negotiation that is in addition to negotiation lines.
Correct Answer: ABC

Your customer wants to configure six BUs: five Requisitioning BUs and one BU configured as a shared Procurement BU
with only the Procurement function enabled.
How will you define the relationship between the Requisitioning BUs and the Procurement BU? (Choose the best
A. The Payables business function must be assigned in addition to the Procurement business function.
B. The Procurement BU must be assigned with the Requisitioning business function in order for it to be a shared
services center.
C. The Procurement BU needs to be configured as a service provider to the Requisitioning BUs.
D. Intercompany transactions need to be defined between the Requisitioning BUs and the Procurement BU.
Correct Answer: C

Which method should you choose to manage setup data if you have a need to configure and modify the default setup
best practices? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Configure Basic Enterprise Structure
B. Rapid Implementation Task List
C. Manage Offerings and Features
D. Manage Implementation Projects
Correct Answer: D

Your customer requires that a consignment order should automatically get created whenever a self-service requester
creates a purchase requisition.
Which setup fulfills this requirement? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Enable all the requisition line items to be sourced from the consignment source.
B. Create a consignment agreement with touchless buying options enabled in the Controls tab to automatically generate
C. Assign all the requisition line to the consignment buyer.
D. Select the “Source from consignment” check box and set “Urgent” to “Yes” during requisition creation through self
Correct Answer: D

In order to define a shipping method, what three options need to be set? (Choose three.)
A. Service Level
B. Purchasing Profile
C. FOB Lookup Code
D. Contact
E. Mode of Transport
Correct Answer: CDE

When defining supplier content map sets, which three values should you select that may be converted to values in the
procurement business unit? (Choose three.)
A. Item
B. Category
C. Catalog
D. Supplier
E. Agreement
Correct Answer: BDF

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