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Select the three correct statements regarding Freight Settlement in OTM. (Choose three.)

A. Invoice checks may be printed out of OTM.
B. Rules for matching, approval, and allocation are the cornerstones of automation in Freight Settlement.
C. Freight Invoices may be created within OTM or interfaced from an external system.
D. Invoices in OTM must be tied to a shipment.
E. Freight Settlement in OTM may be used to pay invoices to carriers as well as bill customers for freight.


Identify the incorrect option about the commodity setup.

A. Incompatible commodities can be captured while defining a commodity.
B. Specific temperature controls cannot be assigned while defining a commodity.
C. You can select transportation modes while defining a commodity.
D. You can link commodity with equipment types while defining a new commodity.


When a new Service Provider is created, OTM automatically does which of the following?

A. OTM assigns the default Calendar defined in the Parameter Set.
B. OTM associates the Service Provider calendar with the calendar of the CORPORATION ID identified during setup.
C. OTM sends an email or fax to the Service Provider contact, depending on the contact\\’s preferred contact method.
D. OTM creates a corresponding LOCATION, with the location Role of “CARRIER”.


You\’ve executed a CSV upload in which you have modified some existing records and created some new records.
There were no errors during the upload. However, OTM is still retrieving only the old data, not the new data that was just

Select the action that you can take to address this.

A. You must reboot the database server in order to commit the changes.
B. Rerun the upload, this time making sure that you specify the “dd” command.
C. You should clear the OTM cache.
D. Rerun the upload, this time making sure that you specify the “ii” command.
E. Rerun the upload, this time making sure that you specify the “uu” command.


Which rate component defines how transportation time will be calculated for the Rate?

A. Rate Service
B. Rate Distance
C. Rate Record
D. Rate Lane
E. Rate Offering


You are writing an agent to be triggered when an Order Release Update is received via integration. You would like the
agent to check if the Order Release is on a shipment and if it is, you want OTM to only update the Order Release.
Which option will achieve this?

A. You can use an agent saved condition to identify OR ON SHIPMENT WITH RESOURCES TENDERED/SECURED
and use the ORDER RELEASE – MOD – NO PROCESSING agent action.

B. You can use an agent saved condition to identify OR ON SHIPMENT and use the ORDER RELEASE MOD – NO
PROCESSING agent action.

C. You can use an agent saved condition OR ON SHIPMENT and use the ORDER RELEASE – MOD NO

D. You can use an agent saved condition to identify OR ON SHIPMENT and use the ORDER RELEASE MOD –

E. You can use an agent saved condition to identify OR ON SHIPMENT and use the ORDER RELEASE MOD – FULL
IMPACT action.


Which three statements are true when configuring allocation rules for OTM Freight Payment? (Choose three.)

A. For a service provider, one can assign one allocation rule based on the planned cost and another based on the
actual cost.
B. OTM uses the first allocation rule that applies.
C. The allocation rules in the profile can be sequenced in the allocation rule profile.
D. One cannot use the same rule in more than one allocation rule profile.
E. Allocation rules need to be set up before the allocation rule profiles.


Which three options are supported in Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) when creating a Declaration? (Choose

A. One Trade Transaction to many Declarations
B. One Order Release to one Declaration
C. One Trade Transaction to one Declaration
D. Many Trade Transactions to one Declaration
E. One Order Release to many Declarations


Given the information:

Which two options are correct for the Service Preference configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Exclude Words is used to specify words to exclude when ONLY “Dice” Match Engine is used.
B. At the most sixty-four words can be specified in Exclude Words.
C. It is not mandatory to specify Agency Code.
D. If the Data Version ID is not specified, then the system will throw an error during the screening that Data Version ID
needs to be specified.
E. If the Data Version ID is not specified and if there is a Restricted Parties List with a Data Version with the “Current”
flag set, it will be used for screening.


When defining a Region, there is a parameter called “Representative Location”.
When is it appropriate to set a value for “Representative Location”?

A. Do it if you are using Cooperative Routing and you want the location to be considered in the cooperative routing
B. Use this parameter to define a range of values that will be included in the region you are defining, such as a range of
zip codes.
C. Do it when you want to create a template Region that you can use to quickly create other regions in the future.
D. Representative Location is the location of the person assigned to the LOGISTICS Role for the region.


To import Rates in OTM, which are four key components that you must configure? (Choose four.)

A. Rate Service
B. Lanes
C. Rate Offering
D. Accessorial
E. Itinerary
F. Rate Quality
G. Rate Record


Which statement is correct regarding the OTM Parameter Set?

A. OTM allows more than one Parameter Set, but they must be stored in the PUBLIC domain.
B. If you want to create a Parameter Set, you must name it “DEFAULT”.
C. OTM allows only one Parameter Set, and it is stored in the PUBLIC domain.
D. There are less than 30 parameters that can be changed in the Default Parameter Set.
E. Parameter Sets are mandatory during Bulk planning.


After executing the Approve Multiple Invoices function, Oracle Transportation Management displays an Approve Invoice
results page.

Which four invoice values are displayed on this results page? (Choose four.)

A. Shipment ID
B. Voucher ID
C. Approval Status
D. Service Provider ID
E. Invoice ID
F. Amount to Pay

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