Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) 1Z0-1070-20 Exam Dumps Beginner’s Guide

The Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) exam is generally not easy, and the point is that beginners don’t know where to start. In response, this blog is dedicated to the 1Z0-1070-20 exam and sharing the latest 1Z0-1070-20 exam dumps, 1Z0-1070-20 practice test to help you learn Oracle Cloud Platform Identity and Security Management 2020 Specialist.

What is Oracle 1Z0-1070-20 Platform as a Service (PaaS) exam?

The Platform as a Service (PaaS) certification validates an understanding of the Oracle Cloud Security portfolio and the ability to configure services.


  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service
  • Oracle CASB Cloud Service
  • Services Architecture and Deployment
  • Identity Security Operations Center Framework

Why is Platform as a Service (PaaS) certifications important?

Technology is always evolving, and PaaS is no exception. The future is exciting, with small businesses and new businesses across industries able to plan growth through PaaS. It is extremely beneficial for those who want to work in cloud computing to obtain this certification, both for the present and for the future.

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Which feature do you activate in Oracle Identity Cloud Service so that users can use their Microsoft Active Directory
passwords to sign in to access resources that are protected by Oracle Identity Cloud Service?

A. The Import utility
B. The bridge
C. Identity Provider
D. Delegated Authentication

Correct Answer: D


You want a user to perform the following administrative tasks in Oracle Identity Cloud Service:
customizing the interface, default settings, notifications, and the password policy; configuring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA); and managing bridges, identity providers, and trusted partner certificates.
To which administrator role do you assign this user?

A. Application administrator
B. Audit administrator
C. User administrator
D. Security administrator

Correct Answer: D


Which three represent the different types of Identity SOC architectural models? (Choose three.)

A. Dedicated SOC
B. Privileged SOC
C. Fusion SOC
D. Shared SOC
E. Virtual SOC

Correct Answer: ADE


Which three are key business benefits of Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics (SMA) Cloud Service? (Choose

A. Greater SOC Efficiency
B. Improved Security and Risk Posture
C. Synchronize with on-premises directory structures
D. Automate threat prevention
E. Rapid Time to Value

Correct Answer: ABE


In your organization, you are planning to implement Oracle Identity SOC as a cloud security solution. What are two
reasons for using an Identity SOC Solution? (Choose two.)

A. It incorporates the threat intelligence feeds from IP blacklists and known vulnerable databases only.
B. It uses adaptive ML-based analytics with identity.
C. It provides the ability to have a hybrid enterprise application solution.
D. It provides multiple tools for data operations.

Correct Answer: AB


You want to implement Oracle Configuration and Compliance Cloud Service for the hybrid cloud environments in your

Which two benefits will you get from implementing this? (Choose two.)

A. integration of the different services using open standards
B. Assessment, scoring, and reporting of the compliance in an enterprise can be automated
C. Compliance violation dashboard displays the most severe violations
D. application-wide assessment of compliance score

Correct Answer: BD


Due to rapid changes in technology and regulatory overhead, companies are challenged to maintain and update the rules
as per the industry-standard benchmarks.
Which Oracle service will help in maintaining the industry-standard benchmarks?

A. Oracle Configuration and Compliance Cloud Service
B. Oracle Identity Cloud Service
C. Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Cloud Service
D. Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Correct Answer: A


Which industry-standard benchmark engine needs to be configured with Oracle Configuration and Compliance Cloud

A. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
B. Secure Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs)
C. Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL)
D. Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP)

Correct Answer: D


Click the exhibit.

According to the diagram, which Oracle Identity Security Operations Center (SOC) component allows you to monitor
Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) users\\’ activity and access management to avoid service misuse?

A. Oracle CASB Cloud Service
B. Oracle Management Cloud
C. Oracle Database Security
D. Oracle Security Monitoring and Analytics Cloud Service

Correct Answer: D


You hire a third-party company to work in your Oracle Cloud environment. These partner employees work remotely and
need to manage PaaS and IaaS instances in your environment. Your security officer requires that each partner
employee provide a second verification factor on top of the traditional user name and password.

Which option do you configure in Oracle Identity Cloud Service for this to occur?

A. Multi-Factor Authentication
B. Adaptive security
C. The bridge
D. Identity provider policies

Correct Answer: A


Which is a top challenge for a Security Operations Center (SOC) Manager?

A. to keep all systems in compliance within 30 days of new security regulations
B. to ensure network and systems uptime to meet organization and customer SLAs
C. to identify threats proactively while maintaining organization and customer SLAs
D. to design and implement a software development life cycle program

Correct Answer: C


Which two steps are needed to integrate Oracle CASB Cloud Service with Oracle Identity Cloud Service? (Choose

A. In Oracle CASB Cloud Service navigate to Configuration and then to Identity Management providers. Select Oracle
Identity Cloud Service and specify the Instance name/Client ID/Client Secret and URL to the Provider.
B. Create an Oracle CASB Cloud Service application in Identity Cloud Service and collect the Client ID/ Client Secret for
the application created.
C. Create a trusted application in Identity Cloud Service and collect the Client ID/Client Secret for the application
D. In Oracle CASB Cloud Service navigate to Configuration and then to Identity Management providers. Select Oracle
Identity Cloud Service and specify the Client ID/Client Secret.

Correct Answer: AC

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