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Welcome to Oracle 1Z0-062 practice test online

You are connected using SQL* Plus to a multitenant container database (CDB) with SYSDBA privileges and execute
the following sequence statements: What is the result of the last SET CONTAINER statement and why is it so?

1Z0-062 exam questions-q1

A. It succeeds because the PDB_ADMIN user has the required privileges.
B. It fails because common users are unable to use the SET CONTAINER statement.
C. It fails because local users are unable to use the SET CONTAINER statement.
D. If fails because the SET CONTAINER statement cannot be used with PDB$SEED as the target pluggable database
Correct Answer: C

Your database is configured for ARCHIVELOG mode, and a daily full database backup is taken. RMAN is configured to
perform control file autobackup.
In which three scenarios do you need media recovery? (Choose three.)
A. loss of all the copies of the control file
B. loss of all the inactive online redo log group members
C. loss of a data file that belongs to the active undo tablespace
D. loss of data files that belong to the SYSTEM tablespace
E. logical corruption of data that is caused by a wrong transaction
F. abnormal termination of the database instance
Correct Answer: ACD

Your multitenant container database has three pluggable databases (PDBs): PDB1, PDB2, and PDB3.
Which two RMAN commands may be; used to back up only the PDB1 pluggable database? (Choose two.)
A. BACKUP PLUGGABLE DATABASE PDB1 while connected to the root container
B. BACKUP PLUGGABLE DATABASE PDB1 while connected to the PDB1 container
C. BACKUP DATABASE while connected to the PDB1 container
D. BACKUP DATABASE while connected to the boot container
E. BACKUP PLUGGABLE database PDB1 while connected to PDB2
Correct Answer: AC
To perform operations on a single PDB, you can connect as target either to the root or directly to the PDB.
(A) If you connect to the root, you must use the PLUGGABLE DATABASE syntax in your RMAN commands. For
example, to back up a PDB, you use the BACKUP PLUGGABLE DATABASE command.
(C)If instead you connect directly to a PDB, you can use the same commands that you would use when connecting to a
non-CDB. For example, to back up a PDB, you would use the BACKUP DATABASE command.

You are about to plug a multi-terabyte non-CDB into an existing multitenant container database (CDB) as a pluggable
database (PDB).
The characteristics of the non-CDB are as follows:

Version: Oracle Database 12c Releases 1 64-bit

Character set: WE8ISO8859P15

National character set: AL16UTF16

O/S: Oracle Linux6 64-bit
The characteristics of the CDB are as follows:

Version: Oracle Database 12c Release 1 64-bit

Character set: AL32UTF8

O/S: Oracle Linux 6 64-bit
Which technique should you use to minimize down time while plugging this non-CDB into the CDB?
A. Transportable database
B. Transportable tablespace
C. Data Pump full export / import
D. The DBMS_PDB package
Correct Answer: C

A database runs in ARCHIVELOG mode.
Dally full database backups are taken with RMAN which is configured to perform control file autobackup.
The control file and redo log files are multiplexed.
In which two cases is media recovery required? (Choose two.)
A. loss of a data file that belongs to the active undo tablespace
B. physical corruption of data
C. loss of one copy of the control file
D. loss of one member of the active redo log group
E. loss of all members of an inactive redo log group
Correct Answer: CD

SALES is a valid TNS entry referring to: Hostname: HOST01
Port: 1521 Service_name: SALES_SRV You issue this command: $ tnsping SALES Which two are true? (Choose two.)
A. It validates that there is a listener on HOST01 port 1521.
B. It validates that SALES is a valid TNSNAMES entry reachable by the configured name resolution method.
C. It validates that SALES_SRV service is active in any database instance on HOST01.
D. It validates that a SALES_SRV database on HOST01 is open.
E. It validates that SALES_SRV service is active in a specific database instance on HOST01.
Correct Answer: AD

Examine the command: SQL> CONNECT hr/hr@orcl
Which two configurations allow this command to execute successfully? (Choose two.)
A. In the tnsnames.ora file, the SERVICE_NAME value of CONNECT_DATA should be explicitly suffixed with the
domain name.
B. The SERVICE_NAMES initialization parameter should contain the name orcl in the database host.
C. The orcl TNS alias should be defined such that it is resolvable by a client running on the database host.
D. The orcl TNS alias should be defined in the tnsnames.ora file on both the client and the database host.
E. The TNS_ADMIN environment variable should be set to orcl on the client.
Correct Answer: BC

Examine the structure of the sales table, which is stored in a locally managed tablespace with Automatic Segment
Space Management (ASSM) enabled.

1Z0-062 exam questions-q8

 You want to perform online segment shrink to reclaim fragmented free space below the high water mark. What should
you ensure before the start of the operation?
A. Row movement is enabled.
B. Referential integrity constraints for the table are disabled.
C. No queries are running on this table.
D. Extra disk space equivalent to the size of the segment is available in the tablespace.
E. No pending transaction exists on the table.
Correct Answer: A

You notice a performance change in your production Oracle 12c database. You want to know which change caused this
performance difference.
Which method or feature should you use?
A. Compare Period ADDM report
B. AWR Compare Period report
C. Active Session History (ASH) report
D. Taking a new snapshot and comparing it with a preserved snapshot
Correct Answer: A

Your database supports an online transaction processing (OLTP) application. The application is undergoing some major
schema changes, such as addition of new indexes and materialized views. You want to check the impact of these
changes on workload performance.
What should you use to achieve this?
A. Database replay
B. SQL Tuning Advisor
C. SQL Access Advisor
D. SQL Performance Analyzer
E. Automatic Workload Repository compare reports
Correct Answer: D
You can use the SQL Performance Analyzer to analyze the SQL performance impact of any type of system change.
Examples of common system changes include: ?Database upgrades ?Configuration changes to the operating system,
hardware, or database ?Database initialization parameter changes ?Schema changes, such as adding new indexes or
materialized views ?Gathering optimizer statistics ?SQL tuning actions, such as creating SQL profiles
You use a recovery catalog for maintaining your database backups.
You execute the following command:
$rman TARGET / CATALOG rman / cat@catdb
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. Corrupted blocks, if any, are repaired.
B. Checks are performed for physical corruptions.
C. Checks are performed for logical corruptions.
D. Checks are performed to confirm whether all database files exist in correct locations
E. Backup sets containing both data files and archive logs are created.
Correct Answer: BD
B (not C): You can validate that all database files and archived redo logs can be backed up by running a
command as follows:
This form of the command would check for physical corruption. To check for logical corruption,
D: You can use the VALIDATE keyword of the BACKUP command to do the following:
Check datafiles for physical and logical corruption
Confirm that all database files exist and are in the correct locations.
Note: You can use the VALIDATE option of the BACKUP command to verify that database files exist and are in the
correct locations (D), and have no physical or logical corruptions that would prevent RMAN from creating backups of
them. When performing a BACKUP…VALIDATE, RMAN reads the files to be backed up in their entirety, as it would
during a real backup. It does not, however, actually produce any backup sets or image copies (Not A, not E).

You must upgrade your Oracle 11g to Database to Oracle 12c R2. Which method can you use?
A. Perform a rolling upgrade.
B. Perform a direct upgrade by running the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA).
C. Use Enterprise Manager Express.
D. Use SQL*Developer
E. Use the Database Creation Assistant (DBCA) to upgrade
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://oracle-base.com/articles/12c/upgrading-to-12c

You are connected to a pluggable database (PDB) as a common user with DBA privileges.
The STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is PDB_MODIFIABLE. You execute the following:
Which is true about the result of this command?
A. The STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is set to all whenever this PDB is re-opened.
B. The STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is set to ALL whenever any PDB is reopened.
C. The STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is set to all whenever the multitenant container database (CDB) is restarted.
D. Nothing happens; because there is no SPFILE for each PDB, the statement is ignored.
Correct Answer: A

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