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Oracle 1Z0-1045-20 Exam

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New Updated 1Z0-1045-20 Exam Dumps Questions


Your company is a manufacturing company using a legacy system to define and maintain their Item
On a daily basis, your company updates and defines new items in the legacy system, which is integrated
with Oracle WMS Cloud. You are an Inventory Super User.

Which option will you use to automatically update the Item Master of Oracle WMS Cloud daily from the
legacy system?

A. Using the host system to drop the ITMR file into the shared SFTP directory
B. Creating New Item manually on the Items screen of Oracle WMS Cloud
C. Manually uploading ITMR file using the Input Interfaces screen
D. Manually downloading Item Master file from ERP and uploading it to Oracle WMS Cloud
Correct Answer: A


You are configuring the WMS Cloud to have multiple facilities and, as an added measure of control, you
want to easily identify the facility by looking at the barcode printed on the outbound carton.

Identify two valid configurations that are available in the Sequence Counter UI that you can use for the
OBLPN. (Choose two.)

A. You can set up the count increment in Facility 1 to increase by 1, the count increment in Facility 2 to increment by 2,
and so on.
B. You can set up the sequence counter OBLPN to “Append Facility Code to Prefix”.
C. You can specify different counts for the different facilitates within the Sequence Counter.
D. You can configure the sequence length for this facility to be different from the other facilities.
E. You can specify the “Color Code” in the Sequence Counter.
Correct Answer: BC


What is true about emailing a scheduled report?

A. You cannot customize the subject of the email
B. You can email reports in HTML format
C. The person receiving the email must have an email registered with a username in the system
D. You can add an additional filter for a specific scheduled report
Correct Answer: D


Your company is looking for a simplified method for managing a group of reports. Identify the type of report used in
WMS Cloud compiles multiple existing reports into a single document while executing each report in a single order.

A. CrossTab Report
B. Express Report
C. Linked Report
D. Chained Report
E. Standard Report
Correct Answer: D


Your company has two facilities, one in California, and the other in New Jersey. The California facility needs to
exclusively check the quality of each item on receiving whereas the New Jersey one needs to exclusively perform ValueAdded Service (VAS) on each unit during receiving and shipping.

Identify the Location Types that are required to be defined in the Oracle WMS Cloud to receive the items at the California Facility.

A. Reserve and VAS
B. Active and VAS
C. Reserve and QC
D. Active and Reserve
Correct Answer: D


Which two configurations are necessary to use a pick-to-cart functionality? (Choose two.)

A. Configure label types for cart capacity
B. Configure the Print Task setting
C. Define the OBLPN Types
D. Define the Cubing Rule
E. Add the Pick Cart UI to the Receiving personnel\’s menu
Correct Answer: CE


Select two configurations required to fulfill a Cross Dock order. (Choose two.)
A. The Replenishment template is required to replenish Cross Dock Order
B. Wave template should be configured to allocate Cross Dock Order
C. The Cross Dock Outbound Order type should be defined
D. IB Shipment Type should be defined for Cross Dock ASN
E. Module Parameter should be enabled on the RF Receive Screen for receiving Cross Dock ASN
Correct Answer: AD


You have a high-demand item in the warehouse that you order from different vendors (e.g. copy paper).
Each one of your vendors has its own item number and barcode for the item, and you have your own
internal number for the item. You want to process fulfill orders using your internal number.

What should you do in order to accomplish this?

A. Create Alternate Item Codes in the Item Barcode UI to include all of the vendor\\’s item barcodes.
B. Create a pre-pack item with the original item barcode as the parent and the vendor barcodes as child items.
C. Create a different item in the WMS Cloud master data for each vendor.
D. Capture the vendor\\’s barcode upon receiving in an inventory attribute and then scan the inventory attribute during
each transaction that requires an item scan.
E. Manage your workflow to only receive items from one vendor.
Correct Answer: A


You are creating a standard report for a client to display LPN Numbers (for multi-SKU LPNs) and their associated items.
The two data fields you have in your report are LPN Number and Item Code. Identify what controls need to be set to
create a sub-total for the number of items for each LPN.

A. Set the Summary Function for the item to “Count” and check the Summarize By box for LPN.
B. Set the Summary Function for the item to “Total” and check the Group By box for LPN.
C. Set the Summary Function for LPN to “Count” and check the Summarize By box for Item.
D. Set the Summary Function for LPN to “Total” and check the Group By box for items.
Correct Answer: A


A warehouse manager needs to view additional information not available in the existing Picking
Identify two ways to fulfill this requirement. (Choose two.)

A. Create a custom WMS BI Cloud showing the information.
B. Access data through SQL.
C. Modify the base application to display additional information.
D. Use a base WMS BI Cloud showing the needed information.
Correct Answer: AC


Your customer wants to Putaway LPN to Location by using the Putaway Rules and link the location with
the Replenishment Zone. Which four configurations are required? (Choose four.)

A. Putaway Priority and Rules are set at Facility Level.
B. Set Replenishment Zone for Active Location.
C. Set the Location Size Type at Facility Level.
D. Putaway Type is set at Facility Level.
E. Set Replenishment Zone for Reserve Location.
F. Set Criteria for Putaway Rules.
Correct Answer: ABCD


What happens behind the flag Only deallocate on Short in the order type screen?

A. The Order Type has no impact on the Picking Process.
B. When the parameter is set to YES, during short pick, the system will put the order hold status until more inventory is
C. When the parameter is set to Yes, then only the shorted quantity will get deallocated from the order.
D. When the parameter is set to No, the shorted quantity on the order remains in the “allocated” status.
E. When the parameter is set to Yes, the short pick will cancel the shorted order line automatically and inventory
adjustment will be generated for the item.
Correct Answer: E


Which two packing transactions do not require you to open up an IB LPN (Everything will go in the box)? (Choose two.)

A. Pick Cart Transaction
B. Distribution Transaction
C. PackNC Transaction
D. PackLPN Transaction
Correct Answer: AD


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