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Exam Code: 400-251
Exam Name: Cisco CCIE Security Written Exam (v5.0)
Updated: Aug 26, 2017
Q&As: 452

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400-251 dumps

Following Cisco 400-251 Dumps 452QAs Are All New Published By Pass4itsure:

You are creating a style sheet to format the pages on your company’s Web site.
One section will have a black background with white text. What is the
hexadecimal reference you would use to specify the text color for this portion
of the Web page?
A. “white”
B. #000000
D. “255, 255, 255”
400-251 exam Answer: C
Which of the following statements about virtualization is true?
A. Virtualization enables multiple physical computers to run off of a single
virtualized server.
B. In virtualization, you run multiple virtual machines, provided they all use the
same operating system.
C. In virtualization, the operating systems of the virtual machines should match
the host operating system.
D. Virtualization enables you to run multiple operating systems and
applications on a single computer.
Answer: D
Which line of code instructs the browser to look for a directory named my site
that begins one level higher than the page you are currently viewing?
A. mysite/index.html
B. /mysite/index.html
C. . ./mysite/index.html
D. http://www.mysite.com/index.Html
400-251 dumps Answer: C
A user is submitting data from a form on your Web page to a database using a
CCI script. Which attribute of the form field elements organizes the user’s
information into name=value pairs?
A. Name
B. Form
C. Value
D. Method
Answer: A
Which is the preferred approach to communicate important action items in an
e-mail message to a co-worker?
A. Write the action items using all capital letters.
B. List the action items in a numbered or bulleted list for clarity.
C. Include emoticons to ensure the recipient understands your humor.
D. Describe all action items at length in a detailed paragraph in the middle of
the message.
400-251 pdf Answer: B
Digital signatures verify the integrity of the data, verify the identity of the
sender, and:
A. Provide data confidentiality.
B. Enforce non-repudiation.
C. Sign digital certificate requests.
D. Create certificate requests.
Answer: B
Gwen works for a small company where she has been asked to find a cost
effective option for providing comprehensive customer service. The finance,
technical support, sales and customer service departments all need to share
information about their customers. Gwen is considering adoption of a customer
relationship management (CRM) application. Which of the following would be
the most cost-effective solution?
A. She can purchase a new server, then create and maintain the CRM in-house.
B. She can outsource all customer service so the company can focus on product
C. She can contract with a cloud service provider to host the CRM that her
company’s employees can access.
D. She can hire a programmer to develop and maintain the CRM specific to her
company’s needs, then have a service provider host the application.
400-251 vce Answer: C
Which of the following is used to help non-technical users collectively classify
and find information on a site?
A. Tagging
B. A wiki
C. Web feed
D. Ajax
Answer: A
Sally is a network technician at Acme Corporation. She has been directed to
configure the network adapter for a company laptop so that it can be used to
connect to the company network and the Internet. What is one of the required
TCP/IP settings that she will need to configure?
A. MAC address
B. Default gateway
C. Workstation name
D. Loopback address

400-251 exam Answer: B
Web pages structured with which tag will fail W3C validation tests, no matter
what standard is used?
A. <d iv> B.
<table> C.
<header> D.
Answer: B
Consider the following address:
http://www.ClWcertified .com/Certifications/Web_Foundations/iba.php
Which of the following is the best classification for the address?
A. Fully qualified domain name
B. Virtual domain name
C. Relative URL
D. Deep URL
400-251 dumps Answer: D
Consider the following HTML5 code:

The code does not validate as HTML5. Why?
A. The <article> tag is missing.
B. The <meta> tag and its attributes are missing.
C. The <blockquote> tag should be used outside the <p> tags.
D. The !DQCTYPE declaration is missing a reference to the Document Type
Definition (DTD).
Answer: C
You received a text and a threatening voicemail from an angry customer who
wants to immediately discuss the shortcomings of a recently released product.
You are about to walk into a mandatory meeting with your top-level leadership
team. Which of the following is your best course of action?
A. Continue to send text messages to the customer hoping to smooth things
over until you can call him on the phone after your meeting.
B. Request that the customer send his complaints by e-mail, knowing
that any inappropriate communication will be well documented.
C. Do not respond to the customer.
D. Skip the meeting and call the customer.
400-251 pdf Answer: B
Which of the following is a security threat commonly associated with cloud
based services?
A. Malware
B. Phishing
C. Hypervisor vulnerabilities
D. Operating system vulnerabilities
Answer: C
Configuring a wireless network involves several steps. Which of the following
is a task that should be performed to configure and connect to a wireless
A. Configure a certificate authority and configure the trust settings.
B. Configure the wireless AP’s SSID, encryption level and shared key.
C. Connect your computer to the same network hub as the wireless AP.
D. Connect your computer to the same network switch as the wireless AP.
400-251 vce Answer: B
You are modifying an existing Web page that needs to validate as HTML5
code. To create a rectangular hotspot in an image map that links to
www.xyz.com, which code would you nest inside the <map> </map> container
A. <area shape=“rectangle” coords=“7S. 0. 156. 75”
href=“http://www.xyz.com” alt=“xyz” />
B. <area shape=“rectangle” coords=“78, 0. 156, 75” href=“www.xyz.com”
alt=“xyz” />
C. <area shape=“rect” coords=“78, 0, 156. 75” href=“http://www.xyz.com”
alt=“xyz” />
D. <area shape=“rect” coords=“78. 0. 156, 75” href=http://www.xyz.com />
Answer: C
Which of the following strategies is recommended when conducting keyword
A. Use nouns instead of verbs for keywords.
B. Use verbs instead of nouns for keywords.
C. Use as few keywords as possible.
D. Include at least one preposition such as “the” or “an” in your list of
400-251 exam Answer: A

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