How to succeed with the ISC Certification CISSP exam

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How to prepare for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam?

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Speaking of practice, here are some of the latest free CISSP exam questions and answers:

Question 1:

Does copyright provide protection for which of the following?

A. Ideas expressed in literary works

B. A particular expression of an idea

C. New and non-obvious inventions

D. Discoveries of natural phenomena

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

Which of the following is a recommended alternative to an integrated email encryption system?

A. Sign emails containing sensitive data

B. Send sensitive data in separate emails

C. Encrypt sensitive data separately in attachments

D. Store sensitive information to be sent in encrypted drives

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

Which of the following would BEST describe the role directly responsible for data within an organization?

A. Data custodian

B. Information owner

C. Database administrator

D. Quality control

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

A security professional has been requested by the Board of Directors and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to perform an internal and external penetration test. What is the BEST course of action?

A. Review data localization requirements and regulations

B. Review corporate security policies and procedures

C. With notice to the organization, perform an internal penetration test first, then an external test

D. With notice to the organization, perform an external penetration test first, then an internal test

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

A security professional should ensure that clients support which secondary algorithm for digital signatures when a Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (S/MIME) is used.

A. Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES)

B. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

C. Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA)

D. Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA)

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

When designing a Cyber-Physical System (CPS), which of the following should be a security practitioner\’s first consideration?

A. Resiliency of the system

B. Detection of sophisticated attackers

C. Risk assessment of the system

D. Topology of the network used for the system

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

Which item below is a federated identity standard?

A. 802.11i

B. Kerberos

C. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

D. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

Which of the following is the MOST effective countermeasure against data remanence?

A. Destruction

B. Clearing

C. Purging

D. Encryption

Correct Answer: A

Question 9:

Which of the following elements MUST a compliant EU-US Safe Harbor Privacy Policy contain?

A. An explanation of how long the data subject\’s collected information will be retained for and how it will be eventually disposed of.

B. An explanation of who can be contacted at the organization collecting the information if corrections are required by the data subject.

C. An explanation of the regulatory frameworks and compliance standards the information collecting organization adheres to.

D. An explanation of all the technologies employed by the collecting organization in gathering information on the data subject.

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

The development team has been tasked with collecting data from biometric devices. The application will support a variety of collection data streams. During the testing phase, the team utilizes data from an old production database in a secure testing environment. What principle has the team taken into consideration?

A. biometric data cannot be changed.

B. Separate biometric data streams require increased security.

C. The biometric devices are unknown.

D. Biometric data must be protected from disclosure.

Correct Answer: A

Question 11:

An organization wants to share data securely with its partners via the Internet. Which standard port is typically used to meet this requirement?

A. Setup a server on User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port 69

B. Setup a server on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 21

C. Setup a server on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 22

D. Setup a server on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 80

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

Which of the following is a characteristic of a challenge/response authentication process?

A. Using a password history blacklist

B. Transmitting a hash based on the user\’s password

C. Presenting distorted gravies of text for authentication

D. Requiring the use of non-consecutive numeric characters

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

Lack of which of the following options could cause a negative effect on an organization\’s reputation, and revenue, and result in legal action, if the organization fails to perform due diligence?

A. Threat modeling methodologies

B. Service Level Requirement (SLR)

C. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

D. Third-party risk management

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

An organization with divisions in the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) processes data comprised of personal information belonging to subjects living in the European Union (EU) and in the US. Which data MUST be handled according to the privacy protections of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

A. Only the EU citizens\’ data

B. Only the EU residents\’ data

C. Only the UK citizens\’ data

D. Only data processed in the UK

Correct Answer: A

Question 15:

Regarding asset security and appropriate retention, which of the following INITIAL top three areas are important to focus on?

A. Security control baselines, access controls, employee awareness, and training

B. Human resources, asset management, production management

C. Supply chain lead time, inventory control, encryption

D. Polygraphs, crime statistics, forensics

Correct Answer: A

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