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Which two describe reasons to modularize the JDK? (Choose two.)
A. easier to understand the Java language
B. improves security and maintainability
C. easier to expose implementation details
D. improves application robustness
E. easier to build a custom runtime linking application modules and JDK modules
Correct Answer: BD


1z0-819 exam questions-q2

What is the output?
A. A compilation error is thrown.
B. Message from Copier: Attempt00
C. Message from Abstract Copier: Attempt00
D. A runtime error is thrown.
Correct Answer: A



1z0-819 exam questions-q3

What is the result?
A. Take extra care
B. The program prints nothing.
C. Take extra care Take extra care
D. An exception is thrown at runtime
Correct Answer: D


Which three guidelines are used to protect confidential information? (Choose three.)
A. Limit access to objects holding confidential information.
B. Clearly identify and label confidential information.
C. Manage confidential and other information uniformly.
D. Transparently handle information to improve diagnostics.
E. Treat user input as normal information.
F. Validate input before storing confidential information.
G. Encapsulate confidential information.
Correct Answer: ADF
Reference: https://danielkvist.net/code/java-secure-coding-guidelines


1z0-819 exam questions-q5

What code must you insert on Line 1 to enable the code to print Hello world?
A. Hello.Greeting myG = new Hello.Greeting() myG.sayHi();
B. Hello myH = new Hello(); Hello.Greeting myG = myH.new Greeting(); myG.sayHi();
C. Hello myH = new Hello(); Hello.Greeting myG = myH.new Hello.Greeting(); myG.sayHi();
D. Hello myH = new Hello(); Greeting myG = new Greeting(); myG.sayHi ();
Correct Answer: B


1z0-819 exam questions-q6

This code results in a compilation error.
Which code should be inserted on line 1 for a successful compilation?
A. Consumer consumer = msg -> { return System.out.print(msg); };
B. Consumer consumer = var arg -> {System.out.print(arg);};
C. Consumer consumer = (String args) -> System.out.print(args);
D. Consumer consumer = System.out::print;
Correct Answer: D

1z0-819 exam questions-q6-2



1z0-819 exam questions-q7

Examine these requirements:
Eliminate code duplication.
Keep constant the number of methods other classes may implement from this interface.
Which method can be added to meet these requirements?

1z0-819 exam questions-q7-2

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: B

Which two statements are correct about modules in Java? (Choose two.)
A. java.base exports all of the Java platforms core packages.
B. module-info.java can be placed in any folder inside module-path.
C. A module must be declared in module-info.java file.
D. module-info.java cannot be empty.
E. By default, modules can access each other as long as they run in the same folder.
Correct Answer: AC
Reference: http://tutorials.jenkov.com/java/modules.html


Given the formula to calculate a monthly mortgage payment:

1z0-819 exam questions-q9

A. m = p * (r * Math.pow(1 + r, n) / (Math.pow(1 + r, n) – 1));
B. m = p * ((r * Math.pow(1 + r, n) / (Math.pow(1 + r, n)) – 1));
C. m = p * r * Math.pow(1 + r, n) / Math.pow(1 + r, n) – 1;
D. m = p * (r * Math.pow(1 + r, n) / Math.pow(1 + r, n) – 1);
Correct Answer: A

Given: and omitting the throws FooException clause results in a compilation error. Which statement is true about

1z0-819 exam questions-q10

A. FooException is a subclass of RuntimeError.
B. FooException is unchecked.
C. The body of foo can only throw FooException.
D. The body of foo can throw FooException or one of its subclasses.
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47871728/throwing-a-parent-class-exception-force-tothrow-its-subclass-exception-event-t


Given: What is the output?

1z0-819 exam questions-q11

A. 300
B. Exception
C. 200
D. 100
Correct Answer: A

Which two statements are true about the modular JDK? (Choose two.)
A. The foundational APIs of the Java SE Platform are found in the java.base module.
B. An application must be structured as modules in order to run on the modular JDK.
C. It is possible but undesirable to configure modules\\’ exports from the command line.
D. APIs are deprecated more aggressively because the JDK has been modularized.
Correct Answer: AC


1z0-819 exam questions-q13

Which two independent changes will make the Main class compile? (Choose two.)
A. Move the entire Student class declaration to a separate Java file, Student.java.
B. Change line 2 to public Student(String classname).
C. Change line 1 to public class Student {.
D. Change line 3 to Student student = new Student(“Biology”);.
E. Change line 1 to static class Student {.
Correct Answer: BD

1z0-819 exam questions-q13-2

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