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Which three options describe the flash memory capabilities of the Exadata X6-2 database and storage servers?
(Choose three.)
A. no flash storage on the database server
B. 4 x 3.2 TB NVMe flash cards on the HC storage server
C. 8 x 3.2 TB NVMe flash cards on the EF storage server
D. 4 x 3.2 TB NVMe flash cards on the database server
E. 8 x 3.2 TB NVMe flash cards on the HC storage server
Correct Answer: ABC

A customer has received an email notification about a temperature alert on one of the storage servers on their Exadata
What action can the customer take to further investigate the alert?
A. Log in to the Oracle database and query v$temperature.
B. SSH to the storage server and use the CeIICLI sensor_check command to get information about the storage
server\\’s health.
C. Log in to the ILOM service processor and view the current status of the sensors and indicators on the system.
D. Enter the data center and immediately power off the storage server.
E. Run exachk to find the system component that might be having a problem.
Correct Answer: B

Identify three default ways to connect to Oracle Exadata Cloud Service that is running on Oracle Public Cloud.
A. using the UNIX-based telnet command
B. using SQL *Net from clients that are running on a compute cloud service
C. using SSH for administrative purposes
D. using Oracle Net from on-premise applications
E. using the Remote Desktop client and the RDP protocol
Correct Answer: BCD
Reference: https://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/Architecture_Diagrams/ecs_arch/ ecs_arch.html

To patch an Exadata cloud instance, you need to run the exadbcpatchmulti command as root from the compute node.
exadbcpatchmulti uses the exadbcpatch.cfg file to provide information about the location of files related to patching
operations as well as additional parameters related to these operations.
What is the purpose of the sw_bkup_needed=1 parameter that can be set in the exadbcpatch.cfg file?
A. creates a backup of the patch in case of an error in the patching routine
B. performs a backup of each Oracle home directory before a patch is applied
C. forces the software to create a backup of the exadbpatch.cfg file
D. adds a dialog box that prompts for a backup before the patch can be applied
E. creates a backup of the Oracle database data files
Correct Answer: E

Which statement is true about High Availability (HA) in an Exadata environment?
A. When a standby database is in place, DB_BLOCK_CHECKINGis not required and thus is not recommended.
B. The checksums that are performed on the Exadata Storage Server ensure logical consistency of the block content.
C. Stretched RAC is the best alternative for Exadata that combines both HA and DR into one.
D. Due to the different architecture that Exadata has with storage servers when compared to regular Storage Area
Network, DB_LOST_WRITE_PROTECTneed not be set.
E. The Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software HARD checks operate transparently after enabling
DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUMon a database.
Correct Answer: E

Which three mandatory tasks must be performed when configuring the Auto Service Request (ASR) Manager? (Choose
A. verifying the ASR configuration
B. registering the ASR Manager
C. activating a node on the ASR Manager
D. installing the ASR software on each database server
E. setting up ASR SNMP traps in Enterprise Manager
Correct Answer: ABC

Identify two ways that Smart Flash Cache can be enabled on an Exadata Database Machine. (Choose
A. It is enabled through OEDA by selecting the Enable FlashCache check box in the hardware configuration section.
B. It can be enabled with the ‘cellcli – I alter flashCache=on’command.
C. It can be enabled manually with the CREATE FLASHCACHEcommand from CellCLI.
D. It can be enabled by default during installation.
E. It can be enabled by using the cellCLI DROP FLASHCACHEcommand.
Correct Answer: CE

Which statement is true about the disks that are used in ASM diskgroups on the Exadata platform?
A. HP and HC disks can be mixed to any capacity within the same diskgroup.
B. If High redundancy is selected, grid disks from at least two storage servers must be specified.
C. In an Exadata storage server, 12 DATA grid disks, 12 RECO grid disks, and 12 DBFS_DG grid disks are configured
by default.
D. The redundancy setting can be changed easily if a wrong choice is made between Normal and High.
E. The disks in ASM diskgroups must have similar performance characteristics in addition to having the same size.
Correct Answer: E
Reference: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/exadata/maa-exadata-asm-cloud-3656632.pdf (page 9)

The ipmi tool command is most commonly used to perform which two tasks?
A. To configure base networking and bonds within the Exadata server.
B. To power on a chassis from another system in Exadata machine.
C. To show the ILOM SP server event logs in details for a listing of components status on a particular machine.
D. To manage and maintain the Exadata storage servers and related cell commands.
E. To manage cluster components.
Correct Answer: BC

When preparing to install ASR on your customer\\’s Exadata Database Machine, which user account will you use first to
configure the Exadata Database Server?
A. asmadmin
B. oracle
C. asruser
D. celladmin
E. root
F. asradmin
Correct Answer: E
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37710_01/doc.41/e23333/toc.htm#ASXQI103

When a customer use Enterprise Manager to monitor and maintain their Exadata machine, which protocol does
enterprise manager uses to send and receive information about component failure event and status.
Correct Answer: E

How does Advanced Compression differ from Hybrid Columnar Compression?
A. Advanced Compression is free to use on Exadata Database Machine, whereas Hybrid Columnar Compression must
be purchased.
B. They are the same; Advanced Compression is called Hybrid Columnar Compression on Exadata Database Machine.
C. Hybrid Columnar Compression is good for tables with active updates and deletes, and provides deeper compression
D. Advanced Compression is good for tables with active updates and deletes, whereas Hybrid Columnar Compression
is best applied to tables or partitions where data is fairly static.
Correct Answer: D

What happens in an Exadata Database Machine when the DUPLICATE sub-clause of the INMEMORY attribute is
A. The DUPLICATE sub-clause enables parallel execution NUMA support.
B. Each In-Memory Compression Unit in the IM column store will have a mirrored copy placed on another node in the
RAC cluster.
C. The command allows the current instance to exceed DRAM limits and expand across memory, flash, and disk.
D. The command creates an in-memory snapshot for write_only access.
E. The In-Memory Compression Unit will have a mirrored copy placed on every other node in the RAC cluster.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/in-memory/learnmore/twp-dbim-exadata2556211.pdf (page 3)

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