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Material is transferred between two subinventories within an organization via transfer order. The setup is complete and
the transfer order is created through the FBDI process. What is the primary interface data that needs to be completed in
the template?
Correct Answer: C

Which statement is false about generating an Internal Material Transfer for expense destination Transfer Order?
A. Cost Management will pick up the delivery transaction directly from Receiving and process the expense accounting
from that transaction.
B. Cost for Lot and serial numbers are tracked at put away time when the items are recorded in a destination inventory
C. Expense destination transfers are expensed upon delivery hitting an expense account instead of an inventory asset
account as would be the case for inventory destination transfers.
D. If the receipt is required, then accounting of the receipt delivery transaction will happen only in Receipt Accounting
because there will not be a delivery transaction in inventory.
E. If the receipt is not required, Cost Accounting will pick up both the issue and receipt activity from the single inventory
transaction “Transfer Order Issue”.
Correct Answer: B

You have a high value item that you want to audit on an unscheduled basis to deter pilfering. Which method would you
use to do this?
A. Physical Inventory Count
B. ABC Count
C. Automated Cycle Count
D. Blind Inventory Count
E. Manual Cycle Count
Correct Answer: E

Your customer is setting up serial control. The requirement is that if item A has serial 123, then they do not want item B
to also have serial 123 within the same inventory organization. Which serial control setting must be used to meet this
A. Unique within items
B. Unique across Enterprise
C. Unique across organizations
D. Unique within organization
E. Unique within Item and organization
Correct Answer: D

A customer has one Business Unit, two Legal Entities, and each have eight warehouses (defined as Inventory Orgs).
While trying to set up Cost Organizations for each of these Legal Entities, you were unable to perform the mandatory
step of
assigning the Profit Center Business Unit for one set of eight Inventory Organizations; however, you could do it for the
other set.
What is the reason for this?
A. There is no Inventory Validation Organization defined.
B. There is no Business Unit associated with the Legal Entity.
C. The General Ledger is not associated with Business Unit.
D. The Business Unit is not enabled for Costing.
E. The Legal Entity Setup is incomplete.
Correct Answer: B

Your client wants the purchasers to be able to run the min-max plan for items under their control and then manage the
POs created out of these. Which parameters can they use to be able to do this?
A. From Planner to Planner
B. From Buyer to Buyer
C. From Item to Item
D. Sort by
E. Planning Level
Correct Answer: C

What are the four steps for the move request process flow?
A. Run pick slip allocation
B. Create Movement Request
C. Physically move the material
D. Run the Movement Request Pick Slip Report
E. Confirm pick slips
F. Create shipment
Correct Answer: BCDE

Reorder quantities for an item subinventory are calculated using Fixed Lot Multiple and Round Order Quantity. Assume
that the reorder quantity is 24 and you specify 10 for the fixed lot multiple and enable rounding the reorder quantity.
What will be the reorder quantity?
A. 30
B. 25
C. 24
D. 20
Correct Answer: A

Which action invokes supply chain orchestration and transfer of data to supply chain orchestration interface tables?
A. running Min-Max Planning
B. creating Purchase Order Receipt
C. running a scheduled process called “Create Transactions”
D. creating a new Inventory Organization for execution of supply chain orchestration
Correct Answer: A

A supply request has been received in supply chain orchestration. Both organizations belong to the same legal entity
and they do not have a buy-sell relationship between them. Which type of execution document can fulfill the supply
A. Sales Order
B. Purchase Requisitions
C. Purchase Order
D. Transfer Order
Correct Answer: D

Your organization has lot controlled and nonlot controlled material and stores all defective material in a subinventory
called “Defect”. The organization does not want defective material to be available for reservations or for subsequent
to customers.
Which option satisfies this requirement?
A. Disallow all inventory transactions for the subinventory “Defect”.
B. Assign the subinventory a material status that disallows reservations and allows subinventory transfers and issues to
C. Tag the lot as defective product.
D. Assign the lot a material status that disallows reservations and allows subinventory transfers and issues to scrap.
E. Put a hold on the lot.
Correct Answer: B

The Applications Development Framework Desktop Integration (ADFdi) user interface is supported in Oracle Fusion
Receiving, Inventory Management, and Shipping products. Identify four ADFdi user interfaces that are supported.
A. Review Receipts Interface
B. Manage Inventory Transaction Correction in Spreadsheet
C. Review Count Interface Records
D. Manage Lot/Serial Interface
E. Upload ASN or ASBN
F. Manage Shipment Message Interface
Correct Answer: ABDF

While creating the consignment agreement, you have set the consumption advice frequency to “monthly” and the billing
cycle close date to “31st August 2020”. What will happen when you run the consumption advice process on 31st
August 2020?
A. Consumption advice is created and the next closing date is set to 30th September 2020.
B. Consumption advice is created and the next closing date is set to 7th September 2020.
C. Consumption advice is created and the next closing date is set to 30th October 2020.
D. No consumption advice is created.
Correct Answer: A

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