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70-480 dumps
Following Microsoft 70-480 Dumps 247QAs Are All New Published By Pass4itsure
Question No : 23 HOTSPOT – (Topic 1)  You are creating a function by using JavaScript. The function accepts an object as the parameter and returns a string that identifies the data type of the object. You have the following requirements:
The function must return “Number” if the object is a number.
The function must return “String” if the object is a string.
The function must return “Unknown” if the object is neither a number nor a string. You need to implement the function to meet the requirements. How should you build the code segment? (To answer, select the appropriate options from the drop-down lists in the answer area.)

70-480 dumps
70-480 dumps
70-480 dumps
Question No : 24 – (Topic 1) You need to test the value of the following variable in JavaScript. var length = “75”; A block of code must execute if the length equals 75 regardless of the data type. You need to use the statement that meets this requirement. Which lines of code should you use? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)
A. if (length = = = 75)
B. if (length = = 75)
C. if (length! = 75)
D. if (length = = “75”)
70-480 exam Answer: B,D
Question No : 25 – (Topic 1)  You are developing an application that uses a third-party JavaScript library named doWork(). The library occasionally throws an “object is null or undefined” error with an error code of -2146823281.
The application must:
Extract and handle the exceptions thrown by doWork() Continue normal program execution if other exceptions occur You need to implement the requirements. Which code segment should you use?
70-480 dumps

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: C
Question No : 26 – (Topic 1)  You are troubleshooting a web page that includes the following code. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)
70-480 dumps

What is displayed in the alert from line 11?
A. Div
B. Function
C. Button
D. Document
70-480 dumps Answer: C
Question No : 27 – (Topic 1)  You are developing a web application that consumes services from a third-party application. A web worker processes the third-party application requests in the background. A page in the application instantiates the web worker process. You need to establish two-way communications between the web worker process and the page.
Which two actions will achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)
A. From the web worker, use the onconnect event handler of the main page to capture events.
B. From the main page, use the onmessage event handler of the web worker to capture
C. From the web worker, use the onmessage event handler of the main page to capture
D. From the main page, use the onconnect event handler of the web worker to capture
Answer: B,C
Question No : 28 – (Topic 1)  You are developing an HTML5 web application that displays customer mailing address information. The application loads addresses from a web service by using AJAX. The following code defines a Customer object and loads address data.
70-480 dumps

You need to implement the loadAddress function. Which code segment should you use?
70-480 dumps
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
70-480 pdf Answer: C

Other than an activity, which rule type can be used to populate a declare page? (Choose One)
A. Data Transform
B. Report Definition
C. Decision Table
D. Database
E. All of the above can be used to populate a declare page
Answer: B
When creating a list-type report, which attribute can we NOT specify about the data returned by the report? (Choose One)
A. The format of the data
B. The sort order of the data
C. Whether the data appears on a chart
D. Whether the data should appear in the report or not
70-480 vce Answer: C
QUESTION: 31 A manager can create a report in which of the following categories? (Choose One)
A. Only a standard category
B. Only a shared category
C. Only a personal category
D. A shared category or a personal category
E. A standard category or a personal category
F. A standard category, a shared category, or a personal category
Answer: D
Which of the following can be used to define a column in a report? (Choose Two)
A. Another report
B. A SQL function
C. A Java function
D. An exposed property
E. A class join
70-480 exam Answer: B, D
Which of the following definitions is incorrectly matched with one of the 6R’s of PRPC? (Choose One)
A. ResolvinG.Complete the work, then update downstream systems promptly through automated process and automated support of users
B. ReceivinG.Accept and capture the essential data describing work from multiple sources
C. ReportinG.Communicate status, requests for information, and progress to the work originator and to other interested people involved in the work
D. ResearchinG.Support analysis and decision-making by providing access to external systems and databases
Answer: C
(True or False) A business process describes and controls how business is conducted.

A. True
B. False
70-480 dumps Answer: A
The elements that make up a Business Process Management application include (Choose Three)
A. process
B. user interface
C. forms
D. logic and decisions
E. analyzing
F. routing
Answer: A, B, D
Which of the following are true statements regarding a work type? (Choose Three)
A. A work type represents a fundamental unit of work to be processed and resolved
B. A work type is a template used to create a work item
C. A work type can be assigned to a user
D. A work type defines the process used to complete, or resolve, work
E. A work type has a unique status
70-480 pdf Answer: A, B, D
By default, which types of information are automatically added to the history of a work item? (Choose Four)
A. Changes to work status
B. Audit notes
C. Changes to property values
D. Assignment instructions
E. The work type used to create the work item
F. The user who created the work item

Answer: A, B, D, F
What is the key difference between BPM application development and traditional
application development? (Choose One)
A. A BPM application is process-centric (all elements of the application depend upon the process)
B. In a BPM application, elements of the application – such as UI, logic, and data – cannot be modular
C. A traditional application cannot be used in an N-tier environment
D. A traditional application allows for direct execution of the business process, while a
BPM application does not
70-480 vce Answer: A

QUESTION: 40 A ‘strongly typed’ programming language is subject to which two rules? (Choose two.)
A. Every data object must belong to one unique type.
B. All data objects are strongly associated to a local scope.
C. Data object names must be in strong Hungarian notation.
D. Data objects must be of the same type during assignments unless actively overridden.
QUESTION: 41 Which two most accurately describe the added value of using MDA based transformations? (Choose two.)

A. PIM/PSM distinction
B. PIM/PSM template usage
C. Transformation recording
D. Transformation verification
E. Transformation automation
70-480 exam Answer:AC
QUESTION: 42 What transformation method is a component-based product line architecture most likely to use?
B. Manual C.
Patterns D.
E. Automatic
Answer: E
QUESTION: 43 Which statement is true about a PIM?
A. It is always an application-level model.
B. It is sometimes called a domain model.
C. It may be transformed to a PSM using cascaded transformations.
D. It is a set of subsystems that provides functionality through interfaces.
Answer: C
QUESTION: 44 Which statement is true about an interoperability transformation?
A. It is a transformation applied to interoperability connectors.
B. It includes transformation specifications for two different platforms.
C. It is a transformation that distributes a PSM to a multiprocessor system.
D. It transforms two PIMs to a PSM that is interoperable on a single platform.
70-480 dumps Answer: B
QUESTION: 45 Which statement is NOT true about a PSM?

A. It may abstract away some of the platform details
B. It always includes a detailed model of the platform.
C. It must always be able to produce an implementation.
D. It must always include all details necessary to produce an implementation.
Answer: B
QUESTION: 46 What must include all of the information needed to construct a system and to put it into operation?
A. Platform
B. Viewpoint
C. Implementation
D. Platform Specific Model
70-480 pdf Answer: C
QUESTION: 47 Which two statements correctly describe the MDA Pattern? (Choose two.)
A. It includes a PIM that is independent of all platforms.
B. A PIM on one context may be a PSM in another context.
C. It includes a PIM that is independent of a specific class of platforms.
D. Once transformed into a PSM, a model will always be viewed as a PSM.
Answer: BC
QUESTION: 48 What are two characteristics of manual transformation in the MDA? (Choose two.)
A. It requires a record of the manual transformation.
B. It is a radical departure from traditional software design methods.
C. It makes an explicit distinction between a platform independent model and the transformed platform specific model.
QUESTION: 49 It adds very little to standard software design practices in use today, but provides a method to incorporate legacy software under the MDA name.
70-480 vce Answer:AC

QUESTION: 50 Most Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) listen on ports?
A. all well-known ports
B. any port below 512
C. dynamically assigned ports, usually below port 1024
D. dynamically assigned ports, usually above port 1023
Answer: D
QUESTION: 51  In order to mine DHCP client addressing problems, it would be best to mine.
A. RDP and its associated port
B. Bootpc and Bootps (DHCP) and the last known address of the client
C. the last known address of the client
D. the port on the server that the client was attempting to reach
70-480 exam Answer: B
QUESTION: 52 Consider this mining filter. Which description most accurately describes what it does?
A. It includes packets in either direction only between network and network
B. It includes packets sent from network to network
C. It includes packets in either direction between network and other all other networks,
D. Nothing. No packets would pass this filter.
QUESTION: 53  Reviewing initial data and noting significant trends is part of a process used to.
A. testing a hypothesis
B. isolate an application for conversion

C. profile network usage
D. all of the above
70-480 dumps Answer: C
QUESTION: 54 If you have captured network traffic and misuse of a network is uncovered, it is usually best to:
A. Confront the individual and record your conversation.
B. Hand the information over to a network security officer or manager.
C. Take the initiative and perform your own investigation.
D. Not inform anyone.
Answer: B
QUESTION: 55 Remote Procedure Calls may change their listening port number when the service is disabled and restarted.
70-480 pdf Answer:A
QUESTION: 56 Which of the following uses Remote Procedure Calls?
A. Grep
B. Linux and Unix
C. Windows
Answer: BC
QUESTION: 57 A list of up to 10 of the last file names accessed on an FTP server may be viewed.
A. in the data mining interface (Quick Select) on Files tab
B. in the data mining interface (Quick Select) by creating a custom tab and adding a Files column
C. in the analysis interface in an Expert Application layer object

D. in the analysis interface in an Expert Service layer object
70-480 vce Answer: D
QUESTION: 58  While troubleshooting firewall issues, it is useful to compare:
A. Stream data on the inside, since anything blocked will be on the inside.
B. Stream data on the outside, since anything blocked will be on the outside.
C. Stream data on the inside and outside of the firewall to see what is getting through.
D. None of the above.
Answer: C

70-480 dumps
“Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3”, also known as 70-480 exam, is a Microsoft certification which covers all the knowledge points of the real Microsoft exam. Pass4itsure Microsoft 70-480 dumps exam questions answers are updated (247 Q&As) are verified by experts. The associated certifications of 70-480 dumps is MCP, MCSA. These skills allow you to simplify and standardize the most complex daily https://www.pass4itsure.com/70-480.html dumps activities running your team increase your credibility and value within the organization.

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